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Welcome to Samoel Energy Solutions LLP

The sun provides massive amounts of renewable energy that can be harnessed to provide us with heat and electricity, the two key requirements for running the modern world. The amount of solar energy that falls on the Earth in just one hour is enough to power the world for a whole year. Fossil fuels such as gasoline/petrol, diesel, LPG, coal and natural gas power much of the modern world. These materials are burnt to release the energy contained in the carbon atomic bonds, but there are harmful byproducts.

Samoel Energy Solutions LLP is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company, specializes in manufacture, sales, installation, servicing of reliable, efficient, and durable solar energy solutions in India. Samoel Energy’s solar solutions iSolarPro™ Solar water heater has solar keymark.

Thorough internal quality processes and macro level quality checks of each vital component has differentiated iSolarPro™ from its competitors. The company makes substantial investment in research and development and constantly upgrades its technology based on industry feedback.

iSolarPro™ served hundreds of customers within the first year of its inception. The cumulative installed capacity of the solar water heater installations carried out in the first year amounted to more than 1 lakh liters. Installation coverage has been increasing by more than 30% every subsequent year. iSolarPro™ solar water heater is a reliable product and has MNRE approval.

Since 2013 Our company hold expertise in manufacturing of Solar products. We are dedicated to delivering to quality and affordability through state-of-the-art solar thermal products and systems. We have always made the best products in the industry. Our products are manufactured in India and we are deeply passionate about supporting the local economy and jobs. We are the only solar company who is capable of manufacturing our products in house and have total control over the end product and its quality… something we back with a 5 year warranty. Our global reach allows us to bring you the best solar thermal and solar photovoltaic products in the industry every day.

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